First night of Fringe 2012

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We had our first two shows of our Montreal Fringe 2012 extravaganza last night. 10 more presentations to go, baby! The audience was smallish, but that’s to be expected in the early shows. Hopefully, our NetBuzz will be favourable.

Speaking of favorable, Al from BloodyUnderrated was at our first show (he actually got up to tell a story, but we will not speak of it) and has given us a favourable review! Thanks Al!

We have two more shows tonight, and then on Sunday, TaelStrum will be featured at Madpoetix with the ever-lovely Tashe. If you’ve never been to Madpoetix, you should come by! If you’ve been to Madpoetix before, you should come back!

Also, JD “Hobbes” Hickey was interviewed on CKUT the morning of the first show (June 8th) during “The Morning After” show (along with Walter and Al). You can listen to that interview here.


May-June Madness

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May and June of 2012 is going to be frightfully busy for me in terms of shows and new projects! I think at the end of the marathon, when somebody asks me for a story, I might hand them a book instead.



Yikes! I hope that you will attend at least one or more of these shows!