Fringe 2012 Comes to an End

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Well, it’s the end of the Montreal Fringe Festival 2012 for us at TaelStrum. Thanks to everyone who turned out to see us and gave us 100% positive reviews for “Delicious Lies“. It’s been a wild ride and we appreciate everyone’s support, especially the Montreal Fringe staff and volunteers.

But TaelStrum will continue to do shows after the Fringe has put away the chairs and swept the floors. To find out more about our shows, please Like our FB page.

Six shows to go for Delicious Lies!

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This is our final week at the Montreal Fringe Festival 2012, so don’t miss your chance to see the show that people are describing as “sinfully delicious!”

The final dates are:

June 18th, 8pm (special guest Stephanie Robert)
June 20th, 8pm and 10pm (special guests Marie-Claire Saindon and Jon Bennett)
June 21st, 8pm and 10pm (TBA)
June 23rd, 8pm (TBA)

We look forward to seeing you this week!

Gallery Mile-End
5345, avenue du Parc

Coffee, Ice Tea, and Social Teas!

Guest Tellers Tonight!

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Tonight during the Delicious Lies Fringe show, Kyle Allatt from The No Bull$#!% History of Canada guests at the 8:00pm show and Gerard Harris from Let’s Start A Country guests at the 10:00pm show!

8pm Guest:
10pm Guest:

More Good Reviews from last night!

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More positive reviews about the Delicious Lies show (Facebook event)! Things are going swimmingly!

  • Culture Plus: “… The stories were well told and the music deftly performed…”
  • FRINGE-MOI: “Agréable.” — (initial review of Delicious Lies)

Our show is so good, it seems, that Al from BloodyUnderrated came back to see if the second show would be different, but just as good. He seemed to still be impressed!

MORE GOOD NEWS: The Netbuzz is starting to appear on our Fringe page and the reviews are starting to pour in! We seem to be striking a positive chord with folks!

First night of Fringe 2012

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We had our first two shows of our Montreal Fringe 2012 extravaganza last night. 10 more presentations to go, baby! The audience was smallish, but that’s to be expected in the early shows. Hopefully, our NetBuzz will be favourable.

Speaking of favorable, Al from BloodyUnderrated was at our first show (he actually got up to tell a story, but we will not speak of it) and has given us a favourable review! Thanks Al!

We have two more shows tonight, and then on Sunday, TaelStrum will be featured at Madpoetix with the ever-lovely Tashe. If you’ve never been to Madpoetix, you should come by! If you’ve been to Madpoetix before, you should come back!

Also, JD “Hobbes” Hickey was interviewed on CKUT the morning of the first show (June 8th) during “The Morning After” show (along with Walter and Al). You can listen to that interview here.

May-June Madness

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May and June of 2012 is going to be frightfully busy for me in terms of shows and new projects! I think at the end of the marathon, when somebody asks me for a story, I might hand them a book instead.



Yikes! I hope that you will attend at least one or more of these shows!

Fringe 2012 Dates Announced!

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It’s official: The dates for TaelStum’s show “Delicious Lies” are set! 12 shows in June 2012 and we guarantee that no two shows will be exactly alike!

News: TaelStrum gets named in the BOM 2012 for Best Spoken Word Act!

Ame-Art: collectif des Artistes de la galerie Mile-End
5345, avenue du Parc
Montreal, QC H2V 4H9
Purchase tickets online

Dates booked:
June 8th, 8pm and 10pm
June 9th, 8pm and 10pm
June 12th, 8pm and 10pm
June 18th, 8pm
June 20th, 8pm and 10pm
June 21st, 8pm and 10pm
June 23rd, 8pm

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